Fake the Weather

Reviewed – 26/09/12 – Munificus

‘Fake the Weather’ lets you forecast the weather. Enter the temperature, type, location and weather symbol that your want for a particular day and fool your friends and family into thinking it is an accurate representation of what will occur. To add authenticity it shows the current time.

Possible scenarios
– Heavy snow predicted, can’t meet the in-laws this weekend
– Avoid going out because torrential rain is forecast
– Meet someone special because it will be sunny this evening
– Strong winds, suitable for sailing
– Sunny weather, always a good excuse for a barbecue
– Gale force winds, can’t come into work today
– Party is on, the sun is coming

– Temperature
– Temperature units (does not convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius)
– Weather type
– Date
– Time
– Advisory warning

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