Just some of the comments received from our users:

Good for young kids.

My Littleman loves it.

Spent ages searching for an app to convert text between cases as in work many people send sentence all in caps that I have to manipulate – I’d given up hope and came across this, works perfectly!…
…does the job brilliantly, native iOS text editors etc don’t have these features.

Take a bow son! Perfect app, absolutely brilliant. Well done!

This app is awesome just like any other of your apps I’m a huge fan of your apps. Please keep making apps! 😀 I usually have 1 or two rulers at my house and can’t find them so this is very handy! 🙂

I like this app because I can use it for dual purpose 1. For my meeting and trade shows and other as a lock screen. Finders can read the info write away and call me me if they ever find it. I really like this app. Nice colors, no cluttered info and to the point in bright colors so nobody misses my contact info to return the phone.

Lots of fun! We are enjoying this program very much. Math drills were never this fun. It is very useful. Thank You!

A Sport’s Lovers Dream

The visual style and appearance of this app is good… There is great potential.

Really love this app!!

Heaps of fun to be had pretending to be one of the greatest European carillon virtuosi.

A great little app for anyone who delights in the sound of orchestral-style tubular bells… such as me!

Love it fun addictive and really gets a laugh.

This is funny and fun.

Had so much fun with this…